Quantron: This is Bavaria’s youngest vehicle manufacturer – Bavaria


Maximilian Gerl, Gersthofen

At what is probably Bavaria’s youngest vehicle brand, no robots work on a piece-work basis. There are also no conveyor belts on which parts travel from A to B. Even the heavy smell of oil is missing, the floor in the workshop looks like it has been polished. Only a used diesel engine, stacked on a pallet against the wall, is a reminder that there is actually work going on here. Andreas Haller leads us in a jacket through the factory hall, which is deserted thanks to the lunch break, past a bus and small and large trucks. A silver letter is emblazoned on one front: Q for Quantensprung, Q for Quantron, the name of Haller’s company. “We’re not a classic manufacturer,” says Haller. “In the future we don’t want to sell vehicles, we want to sell kilometers.”

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