Prince Andrew: His team speaks about impending abuse process

After being kicked out of the royal house
“Marathon and not a sprint”: Andrew’s team talks about impending abuse process

Prince Andrew’s team spoke out for the first time after being kicked out of the royal family

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Prince Andrew has lost (almost) everything: his military ranks, his patronage and royal support. Insiders have spoken out after the Queen’s decision.

Queen Elizabeth has pulled the emergency brake and stripped Prince Andrew of his military duties and patronage. The 61-year-old has been accused by Virginia Roberts Giuffre of sexually abusing her multiple times when she was a minor. He denies the allegations, but a New York judge recently rejected an objection by Andrew to the lawsuit. And so it could be that the second eldest son of the British monarch will be tried later this year.

A source in Andrew’s office has now reached out to the press following the Queen’s decision. The statements are available to the well-connected ITV reporter Chris Ship. Accordingly, the informant is said to have stated: “Given the robustness with which Judge Kaplan took our arguments, we are not surprised by the verdict. However, it was not a verdict on the merits of Ms. Giuffre’s allegations. This is a marathon, not a sprint and the Duke will continue to defend himself against these allegations.”

Prince Andrew heard the news from the Queen personally

Prince Andrew will no longer use his title of duke and the salutation “His Royal Highness” in public. In addition, he will not be taking appointments in the service of the Crown in the future. Like his nephew Harry, he is no longer part of the royal family. Ship goes on to explain on the broadcaster’s website that the Queen personally broke the news to her son. Her decision was the result of discussions with Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Edward. The fact that the entire family was involved in this process shows the scope of the case. It can be assumed that Prince William has also been included. As the next but one king, he has been moving closer to the epicenter of power for months and is present at consultations with Charles and the Queen.

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