Police and fire brigade: Fireball at the airport: Rehearse the emergency

Police and fire brigade
Fireball at the airport: rehearse the emergency

Emergency services have been practicing for emergencies at Cologne/Bonn Airport. photo

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A planned explosion attracted one or two onlookers to Cologne/Bonn Airport. The simulation served primarily as practice for the emergency services and ground staff.

At Cologne/Bonn airport Police and fire brigade rehearsed a spectacular operation to rescue passengers. After a simulated collision between two aircraft, rescuers had to escort the passengers outside and provide them with care. An expert triggered a fireball explosion.

The aircraft were not damaged. Around 350 firefighters, police officers and extras, some of whom wore makeup, took part. “Everything worked well according to plan,” said an airport spokeswoman. Such regular exercises are mandatory.

No disruption to passengers

Operations at the second largest airport in North Rhine-Westphalia were not disrupted by the approximately two-hour exercise. At the airport, people were informed via announcements that the many blue lights and sirens were just part of an exercise and did not mean an accident. Some onlookers watched the spectacle, which took place on an apron at the airport.

The airport, the fire departments of the Bundeswehr and the city of Cologne as well as the state and federal police were involved. Commercial airports must regularly rehearse emergency procedures. The last emergency exercise by ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organization, took place in Cologne/Bonn in 2021.


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