Philips Hue Secure launches with cameras and contact sensor, also introduced new lighting products

At the start of Philips Hue Secure, the manufacturer presented several security cameras for indoor and outdoor use that have a resolution of 1080p HD. You can choose between a battery-operated and a wired model as well as the Philips Hue Secure floodlight camera with integrated light. Power can also be supplied via the Philips Hue low-voltage outdoor system.

In addition to the usual functions such as live stream and AI motion alarm, the new surveillance cameras from Philips Hue naturally offer perfect integration into the well-known lighting system. This means that the cameras can be used, among other things, as motion sensors for automated lighting. If the camera detects a suspicious movement when activated, the full range of acoustic alarms and attention-grabbing lighting can be activated. Among other things, end-to-end encryption ensures security.

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