Phantom hosts a content creation contest with a total prize pool of 500,000 PHM.

Phantom hosts content creation contest Win a total of 500,000 PHM tokens, inviting all writers and video creators to unleash your creativity. And if you have a really cool idea about Phantom or have a knack for creating content? You can join and get your share of PHM token rewards!

The entire contest runs from October 14 to October 23 and has two phases, Phase 1 for creators and Phase 2 for everyone in the community. The details are as follows:

Phantom Content Creation Contest

time : 14 October — 23 October

Description : Throughout this period Creators can create articles or videos related to PHM and the community will select a total of 10 winners to split the total PHM 500,000 tokens.

Total prize money : 500,000 $PHM tokens

award distribution :

  • 2 first place winners — Each person earns 150,000 PHM.
  • 3 second place winners — Each person earns 50,000 PHM.
  • 5 third place winners — Each person earns 10,000 PHM.

Participation details:

Phase 1: Content Creation and Submission

time : October 14 12:00 UTC — October 19 12:00 UTC

Applicants can submit original content in the form of published articles or videos. The content of the article should cover one or more areas as follows:

  • PHM Review and Analysis
  • Project Comparison Articles (PHM and Other Projects/Tokens)
  • PHM performance prediction (with logic behind it)

The creators can use all sources from official and third-party sources for free. but must also verify the accuracy of the information

delivery method :

  • Post your content on social media and send a link to this Google Form link:
  • Platforms you can post on: Twitter, medium, Tradingview, youtube…

Phantom FactoryClick here for some documentation to help you get started.

Phase 2: Community Voting

Voting time: 20 Oct. ~ 23 Oct.

Announcement of results : 25 Oct.

After all content has been submitted, the Phantom Team will select 15-20 winning applicants on Oct. 20 (selection criteria are based on content quality and audience data). Share with the community for everyone to vote. The winner will be determined by the results of the Oct 23 vote. Additionally, all voters will be eligible to win $10 worth of PHM tokens (total value of 200 PHM tokens). which will be given to 20 lucky people)

Details of the voting procedure will be announced at the end of Phase 1.

But for now, get your creative energy ready and submit your PHM content here:

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