Pelé: Brazil’s football legend is in the hospital

Pelé hospitalized – family and clinic give the all-clear

Pelé (archive picture) has been struggling with health problems for a long time

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Brazil’s soccer legend Pele has been hospitalized. Apparently it was about tests because of his cancer.

Brazilian soccer legend Pelé, 82, has been taken to the hospital again. “No surprises or emergencies,” his daughter Kely do Nascimiento wrote on Instagram on Wednesday. Her father’s medication will be adjusted in the clinic. In a video also posted on Instagram, his other daughter, Flávia Arantes do Nascimento, said: “There is some confusion because my father went to Hospital Albert Einstein to get tested. I apologize for this evil media that constantly pre-empts facts and create things that don’t exist and that we don’t even know about.”

As always, Pelé underwent tests “to follow the development of the cancer he has,” said Flávia, adding: “Let’s keep this World Cup energy that he loves and needs. Thank you for the affection, for the Worry. More reason and less emotion.”

Hospital gives the all-clear because of Pelé

The hospital also gave the all-clear: “After the medical examination, the patient was taken to an ordinary hospital room without being admitted to a semi-intensive or intensive care unit,” said a statement from the Albert Einstein Hospital, quoted by several local media . The former player has “full control of his vital signs and is in a stable clinical condition”.

The sports broadcaster ESPN Brasil had reported that Pelé had swelling all over his body. The doctors at the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo are concerned that the chemotherapy may no longer respond to the tumors in various organs of the 82-year-old’s body.

Pelé underwent surgery for a tumor in the colon

In September last year, Pelé had a tumor removed from his colon that doctors discovered during a routine examination. After the operation, Pelé was initially treated in the intensive care unit. He had to stay in the hospital for about a month after the operation. After that, Pelé kept going to the hospital for chemotherapy.

Pelé’s health has repeatedly raised concerns in recent years. He underwent several hip surgeries. He also had problems with his spine and knees. Two years ago he had a kidney stone removed after a urinary tract infection. Pelé played 92 international matches and won three World Cup titles (1958, 1962, 1970).


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