Parents block a college to denounce the lack of supervisors

“We are not sardines! “In Montpellier (Hérault), the group of parents of the college of Aiguerelles denounces, for almost two years, a” lack of material and human resources “in the establishment, which they consider overcrowded. Since the start of the school year, supported by teachers, they have stepped up actions and urged the rectorate to act to improve “the quality of life and learning” of children.

This Tuesday again, the college was blocked, and the students who presented themselves in front of the gates returned home. But most remained in bed, the parents having been informed that the establishment would not be accessible, as the day before. “The college is over-staffed compared to its capacity,” says Marjolaine Combes Argaud, one of the parents of the students involved. This is due to the increase in the population in Montpellier, especially in the south, in the Port-Marianne district. “

There are not enough supervisors, assure the parents

According to figures provided by the collective, the number of students has increased from 486 in 2017 to 647 this year. But the number of supervisors has not increased. There are five of them. And there is only one CPE (Senior Education Advisor). Not enough, deplore the parents. Impossible, continues Marjolaine Combes Argaud, with five supervisors, “to ensure the safety of the students and, moreover, their support. Chat with them, listen to their problems, solve them, etc. The group wishes, in particular, the recruitment of two supervisors and an additional childcare center.

The college which is to emerge from the ground in Port-Marianne should help to reduce the problems of overstaffing in Les Aiguerelles. The department of Hérault plans to open in September 2022. “In 2020, the rectorate had promised us, during a meeting with parents and teachers, that it would accompany us through this transitional phase, with human reinforcement to supervise the pupils ”, deplores Marjolaine Combes Argaud. A broken promise, deplore the parents.

“Is the rectorate waiting for there to be a disaster? “

According to Guy Bertolino, professor of physical education at the college for twenty-five years, overpopulation, coupled with a lack of human resources, leads to “violence, tension, an inability to respond to children who have problems. “. “The supervisors couldn’t take it last year,” he says. Does the rectorate wait until there is a disaster to say that there is a lack of supervisors? They put us in dangerous situations, and they put children in dangerous situations. “

Solicited by 20 minutes, the rectorate of Montpellier ensures to be “listening to the concerns of teachers and parents of students of this establishment”. “The volume of jobs dedicated to school life is distributed at the academic level. The college of Aiguerelles benefits from means comparable to those of the other establishments with regard to the evolution of its workforce, “continues the rectorate, which indicates having however” reinforced these means, by proposing to the principal of the college to recruit two civic services to exercise animation and educational support missions for students “and to hire a” full-time equivalent AED [assistant d’éducation] provisionally, at least until December ”.

Civic services? The proposal only reinforced the “determination and anger” of the collective, which notes that civic services do not have the same prerogatives as a supervisor or a childcare center. The account is not there, for the parents.

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