Palestinian West Bank government submits resignation

As of: February 26, 2024 11:50 a.m

International has already spoken out in favor of renewing the Palestinian Authority. Now the government in the West Bank has resigned – and is expected to reorganize itself.

There has been speculation in recent days about the resignation of Mohammed Shtayyeh, Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority (PA). It should clear the way for a so-called technocrat government.

The Palestinian Authority under Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas controls parts of the West Bank. However, it has lost more and more influence, also as a result of the Israeli occupation, is considered corrupt and has little support among the population.

Resignation is considered symbolic

Prime Minister Shtayyeh’s resignation also raises the question of what role the PA can play after the war in the Gaza Strip. Representatives of the USA in particular had repeatedly talked about the fact that it could take on a role in the post-war order in the Gaza Strip – but that would only be possible with a completely renewed PA. The US is also committed to the establishment of a Palestinian state. A renewed and, above all, democratically legitimized autonomous authority is a condition for this.

A controversial topic is how the Palestinian umbrella organization PLO will be structured in the future. So far, the terrorist organization Hamas is not involved.

The resignation of the Palestinian government in the West Bank is seen primarily as a symbolic step and a sign that the Palestinian leadership wants to reposition itself.

Jan-Christoph Kitzler, ARD Tel Aviv, tagesschau, February 26, 2024 10:20 a.m

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