Outlook: Possibly hot temperatures last weekend

Possibly last weekend with hot temperatures

People paddle in the sun on Hamburg’s Stadtparksee. photo

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Late summer with high temperatures will remain in Germany in the coming days. However, it is likely to be significantly cooler next week.

Continue sweating in September: About that It will remain hot in Germany over the weekend with temperatures of up to 33 degrees. “The late summer continues beyond the weekend,” said meteorologist Marco Manitta from the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach on Friday.

According to the DWD, some regions in the west are subject to high levels of heat pollution. The new week also begins in a summery way, before it is expected to become significantly cooler and more changeable from Wednesday at the latest, including some showery rain.

On Saturday it will be sunny everywhere in Germany after the local fog has cleared. According to meteorologists, temperatures will rise to 28 to 33 degrees, only on the coasts and in the higher mountains will it be a little cooler. This weather will continue on Sunday with the same temperatures. Only on the edge of the Alps can there be cumulus clouds in the afternoon and evening. Isolated thunderstorms cannot be ruled out there. With high summer temperatures of up to 33 degrees, there could be isolated showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening on Monday in the northwest and in the Alps.

“The thunderstorms will then expand further east on Tuesday,” said Manitta. Late summer will be over by Wednesday at the latest. At 18 to 24 degrees it will then be significantly cooler and there will be changeable rainfall with showers.

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