Opposed to the future A69, a collective sabotages machines on the motorway construction site

The A69 motorway project, a 2×2 lane motorway linking Castres, in the Tarn, to Verfeil, in Haute-Garonne, is disputed by many opponents. As the preparatory work began, a collective called “La nozzle” decided to take action to hinder the construction site.

Monday evening, its anonymous members claimed responsibility for the sabotage of construction machinery to “denounce the aberrations of this destructive highway project”. These activists rely in particular on the unfavorable opinion issued last September by the National Council for the Protection of Nature, which indicates that this link is “in contradiction with national commitments in the fight against climate change, zero net land take and zero net loss of biodiversity”.

The public inquiry opened on November 28

An action that occurs when the public inquiry environmental, the last essential step before the start of work, opened on November 28th.

The collective “La buse” points the finger at the price of the round trip fixed at 17 euros and pleads for “simple adjustments to the existing national road”, also supported by the collective “La Voie est Libre”. “For our part, we are deeply determined to fight against this dangerous system, which mixes powerful companies, a complicit State and submissive local authorities. This abject morality is in no way condemned by a justice in the service of this system. Thus, we are organizing the resistance so that this project never sees the light of day, ”argue the authors of the degradations.

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