OL finally wins, a gift for Macron and sanctions for failing parents

So, this weekend, were you more of a Telethon team or a cinema team? If you opted for the dark room, we sincerely hope that you had a good time, kept away from all these scum who noisily gorge on popcorn If you preferred France 2 and Vianney, know that this 37th edition concluded on the night of Saturday to Sunday with a prize pool of more than 80 million euros. An amount which suggests a very good final collection for this charitable and popular event, which raises funds for the fight against rare diseases.

1. The big tease from Éric Ciotti and Marine Le Pen on immigration law

The immigration bill arrives in the Assembly chamber on Monday, with still as much uncertainty over the government’s ability to gather a majority. Saturday, in the columns of Parisian, the boss of LR, Éric Ciotti, suggested that his group could vote on the motion to reject the text tabled by environmentalist deputies. “We will decide our position on Monday,” he said.

As for the 88 RN deputies, whose vote could tip the scales, Marine Le Pen likes to maintain the mystery: “There are arguments for and arguments against (the vote on this motion),” she said. she summarized Sunday.

To understand everything about this motion to dismiss story, you can read this article.

More information : Aurore Bergé, the Minister of Solidarity and Families announced the establishment of “work of general interest for defaulting parents”.

2. COP28: Feverish atmosphere, fossil dances, sense of where the heat comes from

Two days before the end of COP28, pressure is mounting on all the countries negotiating the exit from fossil fuels in Dubai.

“Failure is not an option. We are looking for the general interest,” warned Sultan Al Jaber, the Emirati president of COP28. But oil exporting countries still need to be convinced. Saudi Arabia and Iraq expressed this Sunday their frank opposition to an agreement aimed at phasing out fossil fuels.

Additional information: Good COP or bad COP? We asked former Ministers of Ecology to take stock (calmly). The result is in the video placed just below.

3. Javier Milei, officially the new president of Argentina, gave a funny gift to Emmanuel Macron

The gift in question? A jersey from the legendary Argentinian club Boca Juniors, signed by the hand of the new head of state and adorned with the phrase “Long live freedom brothel”. Was the sentence seen by the Elysée teams? In any case, Javier Milei thanked the President of the Republic on X for posing with him.

The ultraliberal Javier Milei, inaugurated this Sunday, Milei warned the Argentines gathered in front of parliament: “Things will get worse in the short term. There is no alternative to an adjustment, there is no alternative to a shock” in budgetary matters, because “there is no money! »

Additional information: Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed his support for kyiv’s membership in the EU.

4. 80 men suspected of child abuse arrested in France

Among them, an elected official, two school teachers, sports coaches or a supervisor in a home for disabled children… “In child crime, there is no typical profile, we find all socio-professional categories”, declares the Commissioner Quentin Bevan who coordinated the dragnet. For this vast operation, on a scale “never before seen” in France according to the commissioner, the police targeted profiles in regular contact with children.

Among several defendants, “more than 100,000” child abuse videos and photos were found during the searches. The arrests took place this week in 53 departments, including two overseas, but the information was only revealed this weekend.

Additional information: Two young people die in Chelles (Seine-et-Marne) after a scooter chase with the police.

5. Huge slap for boxer Tony Yoka

The Frenchman suffered a third defeat in a row among professionals on Saturday evening against Belgian Ryad Mehry at Roland-Garros. So, we wonder if he still has a future in boxing? The answer is in this article.

Additional information: Amazing ! OL scored a goal. Even three. Facing Toulouse this Sunday. A match still in progress as I write these lines and which can be followed here.

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