Offer from the Fürstenfeldbruck District Office – Doctors answer questions about vaccination – Fürstenfeldbruck

An action by the district office is aimed at people who hesitate to get vaccinated against Corona. Doctors from the district answer questions from people who are worried about the consequences of a vaccination. Some worried about their fertility, others about the effects on their heart or skin or their general condition, the district authority said. Anyone who shares these or similar concerns can send an email – anonymously or by name – to “[email protected]”. The email address is activated from November 26th to December 1st. The questions are collected and answered within the framework of one or more video recordings by doctors from the respective specialist area. Every doctor answers the questions asked in front of the camera, of course these are anonymized. An individual reply to the sender is not provided. The videos will be made available in December on the Landratsamt’s homepage ( The exact time will be announced.

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