No, the term “halal” is not prohibited in France and should not be replaced by “ritual slaughter”

“Fake news”. The Ministry of Agriculture categorically denies 20 minutes the claims of several videos posted Wednesday on TikTok. “You will no longer be able to use the word halal or display it on your butcher shop in France,” begins one of them which has been viewed more than 2.2 million times in less than twenty-four hours.

“There will no longer be any in canteens, in restaurants, and [ce terme] will be replaced by the term ritual slaughter,” continues the anonymous author of the video, who was published on the “Curieux du savoir” account, which mainly publishes videos on the conditions of stay of foreigners in France. From now on, we should no longer ask for “halal merguez” at the butcher’s shop, but for “ritual slaughter merguez”, continues the video, which adds that continuing to use the term “halal” “could result in a fine of 135 euros” .

The author of the video does not provide any source, does not rely on any legal text or any vote in the National Assembly for this supposed change in legislation. He only states that “this modification was made following reactions from certain French people who feel uncomfortable with Arabic writing and the pronunciation of the word halal”.

In the comments, Internet users are worried about this false announcement. – TikTok Screenshot

In the comments, Internet users are concerned about these assertions. “Unbelievable, but where are we going seriously,” wrote one of them. “I don’t eat halal but this is too much,” writes another, while others welcome the supposed measure.

The same allegations have been repeated in other videos on TikTok, one of them reaching 700,000 views at the time of publishing this article, without, again, no source being provided for this supposed change in legislation.


Contacted by 20 minutes, the Ministry of Agriculture denies “fake news”. No changes in legislation have occurred recently, as also confirmed by a search within the Official newspaper, where the legal texts are published. It is therefore of course always possible to display “halal merguez” in a butcher’s or supermarket.

The method of slaughter of the animal does not have to be displayed on foodstuffs, reminded in 2019 the Ministry of Economy and Finance, in response to a senator. The word “halal” is therefore in no way obligatory on meat packages.

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