No, Cochin hospital has not postponed the deadline for the compulsory vaccination of caregivers

A “small victory” in trompe-l’oeil, which is only a simple application of the law. A surfer affirm in a message went viral on Twitter this Friday that the Cochin hospital in Paris “pushed back the deadline [de
l’obligation vaccinale des soignants contre le Covid-19] from September 15 to October 15. “

In question, the rate of vaccination of the agents, she advances: “40% of the personnel is not vaccinated, suddenly they realized that if they had to suspend all these people, they would not have enough. people to run the hospital. “

A delay that the Internet user therefore qualifies as a “small victory”. But is this really the case?


This delay is not the result of an agreement obtained only in this Parisian hospital. It’s just the content of the law relating to the management of the health crisis, which therefore applies in all hospitals in France.

From October 16, caregivers must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or hold a medical certificate indicating a contraindication to vaccination.

A two-step application

Before this deadline, the law provides for two periods: from August 7 and until September 14, caregivers who are not fully vaccinated must present either a negative test, a certificate of recovery from Covid-19, or a medical certificate. contraindication to vaccination against this coronavirus, such as the precise the Public Service site.

From September 15 until October 15, the rules will change: caregivers not fully vaccinated will have to present both a negative test and proof that they have received a first dose of one of the vaccines.

What will happen on September 15 for caregivers who do not wish to receive at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccines? They incur a suspension, specifies the communication service of the AP-HP, on which the Cochin hospital depends, to 20 minutes.

In this hospital, “at least 83% of all professionals have received at least a first dose”

Then, from October 16, caregivers who will not be fully vaccinated or who cannot justify a contraindication to vaccination will also incur a suspension until November 15, date of the end of the state of health emergency. “If they have not been vaccinated on time, employees or public officials may be suspended without remuneration,” explains the Public Service site. Dismissal in the event of a lack of Covid-19 vaccination is however not possible. “

At Cochin hospital, “at least 83% of all professionals have received at least a first dose of vaccination”, details the communication service. An estimate based on the attendance of AP-HP vaccination centers by these health professionals.

If caregivers were to be suspended because of this vaccination obligation, the risk is to destabilize services which are “understaffed”, alert to 20 minutes Aglawen Vega, secretary general of CGT Cochin. The CGT-Health has also launched a call to demonstrate on September 14 against the vaccine obligation and these sanctions, fearing risks for the workforce.

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