Nighttime accident on a ski slope in Austria – two Munich residents injured – Munich

Two men from Munich had an accident with a snowmobile on a ski slope in Austria on Saturday night. The Tyrol police reported that the men, aged 43 and 44, were seriously injured. The accident occurred in the Gerlosstein ski area in the Zillertal Arena. The two were on their way to their accommodation on a snowmobile around 2:45 a.m. The police reported that they tried to drive up a steep slope on a red-marked slope.

When that failed, the driver drove downhill and ended up on a toboggan run. There he lost control of the vehicle. The snowmobile crashed into a tree, overturned and the men were thrown into the forest. One of them managed to notify an acquaintance who alerted a snow groomer driver. He found the two accident victims and called the rescue workers.

The men suffered serious head injuries in the accident, police reported. Investigations into the circumstances of the accident and the possible driver of the snowmobile are underway, the police said.

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