nice start for the Blues, first for Antoine Dupont

Have a good end of the evening to everyone

Thank you for following us for this first match of the 7 of France in Vancouver. The Blues won without too much difficulty (24-12), and Antoine Dupont played his first minutes, precisely two. His integration into the team seems successful, the main thing is there.

Relive the entry of Antoine Dupont for his first with the 7 of France

The Blues will continue against Samoa

After their meeting with Australia, Samoa will meet the 7 of France later in Vancouver, at 4:40 a.m. French time. The third and final match of the group stages of the Blues, who will face Australia, will be played at 10:49 p.m. French time, also on Saturday February 24.

France wins thanks to an excellent second period (24-12)

The 7 of France ideally starts its tournament against the United States, ranked 8th in the world, despite a sluggish start to the match and dominated by the Americans.

Coming into play in the middle of the second period, Antoine Dupont was unable to shine and made a small error on one of his first balls by making a forward move. However, this did not have any major repercussions in the match. The captain of the XV of France made his return to the game at seven after an absence of ten years.

Reduction of the score of the Americans (24-12, 1st)

Chanel narrows the gap but the Blues maintain their lead.


The Blues at 6 (24-7, 1st)

Andy Timo receives a yellow card. The French will finish at 6, even if victory is in their pocket.

Ahead of Dupont (24-7, 1st)

On one of his first balls, Dupont makes a slight forward move. It will be an English scrum.

Capilla misses the transformation (24-7, 2nd)

Another failed transformation, the second in a row.

Fourth French try (24-7, 3rd)

Great second half from the French, which unfolds.

Dupont comes into play! (19-7, 3rd)

This is a first since 2013, Antoine Dupont will play a rugby sevens match. He comes into play.

The transformation is missed (19-7, 4th)

Varian Pasquet misses his transformation, the score does not move.

Third try for the French team (19-7, 5th)

The Blues are taking off!

The French recover a scrum (14-7, 6th)

The 7 of France recovers the ball at midfield.

Dupont still on the bench, start of the second period (14-7, 7th)

The French are on the attack.

French transformation, it’s half-time (14-7)

Jordan Sepho, who scored the 14 blue points in the first period, converts his second try! It’s the break in Vancouver.

Interception of Sepho, the Blues take the lead (12-7, 0th)

Jordan Sepho intercepts the ball 10 meters from the goal line. He goes straight towards the American goal line and allows the Blues to take the lead.

French forward (7-7, 0th)

American introduction, after the siren.

French transformation (7-7, 1st)

Equalization for the Blues, 30 seconds from the break.

The Blues are back! (5-7, 2nd)

Jordan Sepho runs a great race and calmly flattens between the American poles.

The Americans recover the ball (0-7, 3rd)

The 7 of France is missing a touch, scratched by the Americans who are leading the dance. It will be a new American offensive.

American transformation (0-7, 4th)

Faced with poles, the Americans are not wrong.

The Americans score the first try (0-5, 5th)

Faced with a French defense which resisted, the Americans opened the scoring with a run from Lacamp on the left side.

It’s off to Vancouver (0-0, 7th)

The first ball is French. The first period lasts 7 minutes. The countdown can be interrupted.

Antoine Dupont starts on the bench

The captain of the XV of France will not start with the 7 of France but should quickly come into play.

To find out more about this French team

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Real “gold diggers”

Although medalists four times in 2023, the French rugby sevens team has not won a single title. He will count on the contribution of Antoine Dupont, and his excellent defensive play in particular, to try to win a first title with a view to the Olympic Games.

A successful integration for Antoine Dupont with the 7 of France

HAS” His first steps with us went very well. His arrival had been prepared for several months. He was well informed about the ecosystem he was entering. Permanent players are used to welcoming players who come and go between their club and the French team. 7, even in the short term. The permanent staff are there to have a contagion effect, they are the ones who pass on our knowledge and our game system. They pass on a lot to newcomers.” commented Jérôme Daret, the coach of the French team.

A first rehearsal before the Olympic Games

This tournament in Vancouver will serve as a start for the Blues and Antoine Dupont, who will continue to train with the France group approximately once a month and compete in another stage of the world circuit, in Los Angeles ( March 2 to 3), before the Olympic Games, the highlight of this rugby sevens season.

Good evening everyone

Welcome to this live commentary to follow the Blues’ first match against the United States in Vancouver.

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