New bones found near the hamlet of Haut-Vernet

New discoveries in the investigation into the death of little Emile. After the discovery of his skull and clothes, new bones were taken by experts from the Criminal Research Institute of the National Gendarmerie (IRCGN) between Saturday and Sunday, reports The Parisian.

It is a “small piece of bone”, probably belonging to the little boy and found near the hamlet of Haut-Vernet (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) on Wednesday April 3, specifies BFMTV. Animal bones were also said to have been found.

All avenues considered

The place where the child’s clothes and bones – part of the skull and teeth – were discovered is approximately 1.7 km from the hamlet, a 25-minute walk for an adult. But no one can confirm that Emile’s skull and his clothes had been there since July 8. They could have been “brought back by a human person, an animal or the weather conditions”, as the gendarmerie spokesperson, Marie-Laure Pezant, explained on Monday.

All avenues are still being considered and the latest discoveries do not yet allow us to favor one scenario over another. The mystery surrounding the death of the little boy, who disappeared on July 8, 2023, remains unsolved at this time.

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