New aid, Christmas bonus, repair bonus… what changes on December 1

Who says new month often says changes, and the one of December which comes is no exception to the rule. Between new aid to fight inflation, the traditional Christmas bonus and the end of other aid, Le Parisien lists these changes which will take place from the last month of 2022.

Help for those heating with wood

From December 22, wood-fired fireplaces will be able to apply for a “wood energy check” on the site Depending on eligibility, the amount of this aid – which includes that for households heating with fuel oil – ranges from 50 to 200 euros.

Payment of an energy check

Eligible households will receive, in December, an exceptional energy check for an amount ranging from 100 to 200 euros, depending on the eligibility criteria. There is a priori nothing to do: the check is sent automatically according to the information transmitted to the tax services.

Help for tenants in public housing

From December 12, tenants in HLM will be able to request aid of up to 600 euros to cope with the increase in the cost of energy. This is paid, according to eligibility criteria, by the Soli’AL association.

Christmas bonus paid

The traditional Christmas bonus will be paid around December 15 to recipients of social assistance. The amount of this aid varies according to the composition of the household. Examples: 152.45 euros for a single person without children, 274.41 euros for a couple with children or 381.12 euros for a couple with three children. Only beneficiaries of aid paid by Pôle emploi have fixed aid – 152.45 euros – regardless of the composition of the household.

Repair bonus for certain items

Between in force on December 15 the “repair bonus”, to encourage the French to have them repaired rather than thrown away. Make an appointment to enjoy it at, choose a repairer who will then deduct the aid paid by the State from the amount of his repair. Around thirty devices are eligible, including coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, telephones and televisions.

Take advantage of these offers before they disappear

Who says December also says end of the year and therefore end of certain processes. Several financial aids are therefore only available for the month of December again: it is the reduction of 10 cents on the liter of fuel, gas price freeze or the aid of 150 euros to buy a new traditional bicycle and that of 400 to 2,000 euros for an electric bicycle.

Opening of the 2024 Olympic Games ticket office

Those who want to attend the competitions of the Olympic Games in Paris, in 2024, will have two months from December 1 to register for the draw in order to finally access the ticket office.

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