Netflix plans two sequels to controversial Polish film that eroticizes rape

Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone in the movie 365 Dni. – Next Movies

According to information from the Deadline site, reported in particular by Allociné, Netflix will produce two sequels to 365 Dni (365 Days, in French). Posted in June 2020, the Polish film, adapted from Blanka Lipińska’s novel, sparked a lively controversy, by staging an eroticization of rape and by multiplying problematic scenes and sexist clichés.

For those who would have missed it (and we understand them), 365 Dni told the story of Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka), a young Polish kidnapped, kidnapped, abused and raped by Massimo (Michele Morrone), a Sicilian mafioso, with the aim that she falls in love with her (after 365 days). Everything could have ended there, but obviously Netflix is ​​risking to transform the test. It must be said that despite the critics, the film quickly ranked among the most viewed content …

“Some of the content could be softened”

According to Deadline, the platform is therefore preparing to produce two other parts, still adapted from the Polish author’s novels, with the same production team (Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes) and the same actors. This time (because yes, Laura ends up falling “in love” with her captor), the couple should be upset by family problems on the side of Massimo, and a “mysterious man” who will arise in the life of Laura.

The only notable change for these two new components, while the first film was acquired by Netflix, the next two will be directly produced by the platform, which will therefore have the right to oversee the writing and directing. Thus, “some of the potentially controversial content could be softened”, specifies the American site.

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