Narcotics, stolen vehicles, weapons… Seizures of all kinds from the gendarmes during the “Place Net” operation

They cast a wide net. Some 850 gendarmes took part last week in an operation to combat delinquency and crime, called “Place Net”, in Gironde. They carried out checks and operations in Libourne, Castillon-la-Bataille, south of Bordeaux (Langon, La Réole), in Blanquefort, in Blayais, and even the Arcachon basin.

The results of the operation communicated this Monday by the prefecture, report “36 arrests as part of investigations for home-jacking, trafficking in stolen vehicles, attempted murder and drug trafficking. » Some 42 searches were carried out, leading to the seizure of “18 kg of herb and cannabis resin and 432 grams of heroin, 15 stolen vehicles, 9 motocross bikes, weapons and around thirty counterfeit branded items. »

More than 120 stolen items found

In all, “1,658 vehicles and 2,037 people were checked, leading to the identification of 44 people wanted for different reasons and the arrest of seven foreigners in an irregular situation. » Finally, “more than 120 stolen objects were found [que ce soient des véhicules subtilisés lors de home-jacking ou du matériel électroportatif provenant d’édifices publics]. »

The numbers of the Gironde gendarmerie were reinforced, for the occasion, by national and regional means: a Guépard squadron (70 gendarmes) from the mobile gendarmerie armored group of Satory (Yvelines) as well as several mobile gendarmes.

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