Murder of Vanesa in Tonneins: the body of the teenager repatriated to Spain, Romain Chevrel “aware of the atrocity of the facts”

A few days after the appalling murder of Vanesa in Tonneins, Lot-et-Garonne this Saturday, November 19, the body of the teenager found in an abandoned house will be repatriated to Spain, where she was from with her family. The suspect meanwhile does not deny the facts.

Emotion struggles to descend in the village of Tonneins in Lot-et-Garonne where Vanessa, 14 years oldhas been abducted, raped, kidnapped then killed on Saturday 19 November. The suspect in this sordid case, Romain Chevrelindicted on November 20 after confessing the facts and acknowledging the murder of the teenager will be represented by two lawyers: My Franck and Martin, the latter also defends Cédric Jubillar.

His lawyers have, moreover, Monday, November 21, jointly declared that the suspect charged “acknowledges all of the facts with which he is charged. He is aware of their atrocity and in no way seeks to discard“, they said reports The Dispatch.

Still according to the two Toulouse lawyers, Romain C. seeks to understand his actions and the reasons that led him to kill Vanesa. He faces life imprisonment.

The body repatriated to Spain

However, it is time for meditation for the family in shock. Dante Rinaudo, the mayor of Tonneins, main interlocutor with Vanesa’s parents, indicated that “the family wishes to bury the little one in the region of Granada, where she came from”.

A white step will be organized on Friday in the town, after a mass which will take place at 5:30 p.m. “The population feels concerned… It could have been my daughter, my sister. For us, it is a child of our city”, added the mayor.

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