Munich: tree felling on the Isar – Munich

Lumberjacks are currently active again on behalf of the city of Munich on the Isar. The chainsaw is currently being used between the Maximilian Bridge and the Großhesseloher Bridge. Deadwood is deliberately felled.

According to the city, the reason for the felling is the ash dieback. This fungal disease has long been a problem for ash trees, especially in small sections of forest, such as those found on the Isar. The fungus first attacks the crown of the trees, until the roots lose their footing in the soil. Pedestrians could be threatened by falling branches, while at the same time the trunks in the ground lose their stability.

The infested ash trees are felled by the building department, but not always removed. Some of them remain in place to provide habitat for animals. Regrowing trees are particularly cared for, because the new generation should be able to withstand pests and heat better. There is currently no need to worry about the offspring of birds. The breeding season does not start until the beginning of March, when you want to be done with the tree work.

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