Munich today – News from January 13th, 2022 – Munich

My most colorful Munich memory of the 1972 Olympic Games comes from a dark basement. It must have been a little over ten years ago when a friend moved near Rotkreuzplatz. As is typical for students, this move was not organized very professionally. Hardly any boxes, but many individual packages. You were allowed to drag them to the third floor or to the basement – of course without an elevator.

I often opted for the basement because it was so easy to get lost in the winding corridors of the apartment building. Former residents had left some things there. Behind a fence of boards I found a rolled up poster depicting a female archer in orange, yellow, and green. Today I know that it was one of the iconic motifs designed by designer Otl Aicher for the 1972 Olympic Games. As the event marks its 50th anniversary this year, his sports posters will be back as well.

Ten of the 21 posters have been reprinted in limited editions for the celebrations. Of course, that’s not all that’s coming up in Munich in the Olympic anniversary year. 150 events have already been secured, and the organizers officially presented the program today.

Since the games not only went down in the history of the Federal Republic as a cheerful sporting event, but also became an international political issue due to the terrorist attack on the Israeli Olympic team, the city also wants to give the tragic part of the games adequate space in 2022. My colleague Joachim Mölter thinks that this insight was long overdue.


1000 parking spaces only for rental cars In order to reduce the number of private vehicles, the city wants to promote sharing offers more. By 2026, 200 “mobile points” for scooters, bicycles and cars are also to be created.

Oktoberfest in summer? Maybe 2089 The plans to bring the Oktoberfest forward are nothing more than a crazy idea. It will probably continue to take place in autumn – at least for the foreseeable future.

Car crashes in tunnel entrance A 45-year-old breaks through a railing with his car and falls several meters into the entrance to the Richard Strauss Tunnel. The accident had consequences for drivers well into the morning.

72-year-old murdered – Munich homicide squad determined A neighbor finds the widowed woman dead in her apartment in Obermenzing. Many questions about the act are still open.



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