Munich: Storm interrupts the European Championships – Munich

The European Championships were sunny until Thursday evening, but then the heavy rain came. The first thing that bothered the beach volleyball players on the Königsplatz. Delicate drops made the balls slippery. Then the drops got bigger, the wind picked up, and finally a severe weather warning was issued. The beach volleyball games had to be suspended and the spectators in the Olympic Stadium, waiting for the start of the evening event of the track and field athletes, were asked to go to the covered area of ​​the arena. At first it was not clear whether the spectacle would be able to continue. But as quickly as the heavy rain had come, it went away again. After a heavy downpour, we continued at 8.30 p.m. instead of the planned 8.05 p.m. Something similar could threaten on Friday and Saturday, the German weather service expects longer-lasting precipitation in southern Bavaria. The Water Management Office warns that the Isar could reach reporting level 2 in Munich. This means: There could be flooding near the river.

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