Munich SPD wants to help culture get on its feet with a 10-point program. – Munich

The SPD / Volt city council group has issued a catalog of ten measures to support the culture in restarting after months of corona-related closings and restrictions. The package comprises almost 1.5 million euros per year, is designed to be permanent and is also supported by the coalition partner Die Grünen / Rosa Liste. It is financed by the corona fund that SPD / Volt presented in July.

Julia Schönfeld-Knor, spokeswoman for cultural policy for the SPD, emphasizes the importance of success if you want to “still enjoy a diverse cultural life after Corona” that has a major impact on the city. Her deputy, Roland Hefter, also says: “Culture unites people regardless of their beliefs, their origin or the color of their skin. Artists, who often lead an unconventional life, enrich our city.” The plan that was announced this Monday includes the following points.

Rent subsidies

Rent subsidies should help structurally. The program for the award of funding for studios and rehearsal rooms is to be financially better equipped and revised. Currently, only rents of up to 14 euros per square meter are eligible. “That misses the reality in Munich,” says the program. Grant: 130,000 euros.

Fund for temporary use

“Vacancies should be avoided. The new fund enables uncomplicated rental and initial equipment for locations in order to be able to support smaller projects for temporary use quickly,” says the template. Grant: 200,000 euros.

Money for the independent scene

The children’s and youth theater (including a safeguard for the Pathos youth club and the youth theater in Hoch X) should receive more money, as should the independent theaters. The infrastructure grants are to be increased, as are the sponsorship awards for fine arts and writers, for example, as well as the sponsorship of reading series and the budget for the literature festival. Grant: 520,000 euros.

Music clubs and cinemas

Clubs that shine with artistically ambitious live music are to be given special support. For this, a new prize is to be awarded every two years. At the same time, the art house cinema prices are to be increased. Grant: 50,000 euros.


The expansion of the city’s scholarship programs from fine arts to dance and music to literature is on the agenda. The work grants of 4,000 euros, which will be awarded for the first time in 2021, are to be permanently established. Grant: 200,000 euros.

Folk culture

Customs, amateur play, dialect, dance, costume, folk music and the networking of different cultures are subsumed under the heading “folk culture” in the program. They ensure “that all sections of the population can feel at home here”. Munich is also the only major German city that has its own staff for this issue, which should also be able to act. Grant: 35,000 euros.

Inclusive projects

In order to further improve participation, the cultural department should support inclusive projects even more. In other words, those who involve people with disabilities in the conception and involve them on an equal footing. Grant: 50,000 euros.

Cultural education

It is important that everyone gets to know Munich’s art and culture and can help shape it. The Cultural Education Coordination Office has existed since 2009 and previously had an annual budget of 230,000 euros, which is now being increased. Grant: 100,000 euros.

District culture

In 2022 “a big restart festival after the corona pandemic” is to take place. From 2023 onwards, these funds are to be permanently available for the district culture. The support they offer ranges from advice and cooperation to arranging rooms and mobile formats. Grant: 200,000 euros.

Proportion of women

“Gender budgeting” is to be expanded. For example, the awarding of program prizes could be linked to the requirement that at least half of the program takes women into account.


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