Munich: Japanese pancakes – the pop-up café Luffy Pancake – Munich

The pop-up café Luffy Pancake brings a touch of Japanese cuisine to Munich. Everything here revolves around pancakes. But not about the German variant or the smaller and thicker US-American pancake, but about so-called Kiseki, in German miracle. Thanks to a special soufflé technique, in which the stiffly beaten egg white is carefully lifted under the dough, the airy, fluffy Japanese pancakes are created.

The two operators Marco Schub and Frédéric Ligier became aware of this special type of preparation during their world tour in Tokyo in 2017. A sign that read “Pancakes” piqued their interest; They finally reached a café on the third floor of a building via a kind of fire escape.

Marco Schub (left) and Frédéric Ligier got to know Japanese pancakes on a trip around the world.

(Photo: Catherina Hess)

They were enthusiastic about the perfect craftsmanship that the Japanese showed. Taste and consistency were in no way inferior to this. Back in Germany, they started to develop their business idea. For two years they experimented with different methods of preparation, consulting a Parisian pastry chef to recreate the “miracle pancakes”.

Since November this has also been available in Munich. Schub and Ligier moved into their pop-up café in the frozen yogurt shop “I love Leo” on Veterinärstraße, which has been closed for the winter. In the narrow café with a bright ambience and flamingo wallpaper, the pancakes are initially served by very friendly wait staff until the end of February.

Pop-up café Luffy Pancake: Many students, but also food bloggers and travelers, come to Luffy Pancake.

Many students, but also food bloggers and travelers, come to Luffy Pancake.

(Photo: Catherina Hess)

The operators are still looking for a suitable location where they can stay permanently. The Luffy Pancake, whose name is made up of the words “lucky” and “fluffy”, promises exclusivity. In the western region, the Japanese dessert is hardly widespread up to now. There are only comparable cafés in Madrid, London and Hamburg, says Schub.

What is there and what does it cost?

Looking at the menu, you are guaranteed not to be overwhelmed. The six dishes on offer, all constructed around the eponymous pancakes, are also presented on pictures distributed in the café. The operators advertise their pancakes as clouds to bite into, and it feels just as airy and light. The consistency, in combination with the good taste, ensures a very pleasant feeling in the mouth.

The classic, called “crème de la crème”, is served with whipped cream, maple syrup and lime zest and costs 8.90 euros. If you want a few vitamins on your plate, you can choose “Fruits jolis, jolis” (10.90 euros) and get your pancakes with seasonal fruits, whipped cream and maple syrup. For a Japanese experience as possible, however, “Oh lá lá Matcha” with matcha whipped cream, powder and fruit is predestined (11.90 euros).

Pop-up café Luffy Pancake: The Luffy Pancake is a pop-up café; it can stay in the restaurant on Veterinärstraße until the end of February.

The Luffy Pancake is a pop-up café; it can stay in the restaurant on Veterinärstraße until the end of February.

(Photo: Catherina Hess)

The variants “Banana Split” or “Poire belle Hélène” with pear are also available for EUR 10.90. The menu is completed by “Le Choix du Chef” for 11.90 euros, a recommendation that changes every month. This is currently called “Mon Tiramisu” and includes mascarpone cream, cocoa powder and seasonal fruits.

Who do you meet there?

Due to the close proximity to the Ludwig Maximilians University, students make up a notable part of the clientele. In addition, the café is frequented by many food bloggers, reports Marco Schub. “Our dishes are instagrammable. This is also where a large part of our marketing takes place.” Furthermore, many travelers, especially from the Asian region, who know the pancakes from their homeland, come to you in the café. Reservations are not possible at Luffy Pancake. Especially on the weekend there could be waiting times of up to an hour, says Schub.

Luffy pancake, Veterinärstraße 10, 80539 Munich, opening times: Tuesday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm, Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 5 pm

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