Munich district – Bavaria-wide alarm day – Munich district

It’s a warning day again: On Thursday, March 9, from 11 a.m. onwards, all sirens in large parts of Bavaria are supposed to wail for a minute again and apps such as Katwarn on smartphones are supposed to make loud noises. The background is a test of whether the warning systems for the population work. The district of Munich is also testing its various local warning devices on this day.

The test alarm serves to draw the population’s attention to the importance of the siren signal, as stated in a press release from the district office. The howling tone is intended to prompt citizens to switch on their radios and listen to announcements if there is a danger to public safety. In the district of Munich, the stationary sirens in Aying-Dürrnhaar, Neubiberg, Ottobrunn and Hohenbrunn will be tested on this day, and the mobile sirens will howl in Unterschleißen.

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