Munich: Demonstration for better education – Munich

Several thousand people demonstrated in Munich, Würzburg and Erlangen for a better education system. The rallies under the motto “Education turnaround now!” on Saturday were part of a nationwide campaign. Participants in Munich held up signs that said: “Children are the future. Don’t save on it” or “Better working conditions for educators.”

The alliance, which is supported by 43 organizations in Bavaria, calls for daycare centers and schools to be made sustainable and inclusive. The participants want a training offensive for educational staff and a special fund of 100 billion euros for education – and at least ten percent of the gross domestic product every year for education and research. In addition, from the participants’ point of view, there is a need for a “real” educational summit at eye level.

According to the organizers, around 2,000 people came to the rally in Munich, 600 to 700 in Erlangen and around 500 in Würzburg. The police assumed around 500 people in Erlangen, with a peak of 400 people in Würzburg. There was initially no police estimate for Munich.

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