Munich: Charging station and electric Jaguar are on fire – Munich

A bang, a fire, a column of smoke – a short time later an expensive electric car from the luxury brand Jaguar was broken, 29 other vehicles were damaged and several hundred thousand euros worth of damage was caused. It all happened on Tuesday afternoon in a parking garage in the Schwabing district of Munich.

According to initial investigations by the Munich police, the 37-year-old owner of the parking garage first heard a loud banging noise at around 3:30 p.m. When he looked at his electric car, which was connected to a charging station on the first floor, he saw flames and smoke rising from the charging station. The man immediately pressed the emergency stop switch on the charging station and asked everyone in the parking garage to go outside immediately.

According to police, one person had to be taken to hospital with smoke inhalation. The burning vehicle was a total loss, and numerous vehicles parked in the garage were affected by heat and soot. The Criminal Investigation Department 13, which is responsible for fires, has started investigating the exact cause of the accident.

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