Health care: Medical President warns of problems caused by wave of retirements

health care
Medical president warns of problems caused by wave of retirements

Many working doctors are 60 years old or older. photo

© Moritz Frankenberg/dpa

A network of practices and clinics within easy reach is important for patients everywhere. But in some places there is already a shortage of doctors – and this is getting worse.

Medical President Klaus Reinhardt is facing growing problems for the Health care warned due to shortage of skilled workers. “The shortage of doctors is no longer a forecast, but has long been a reality in many regions of Germany,” said the head of the German Medical Association of the German Press Agency before the German Doctors’ Day in Mainz. Around 4,800 family doctor seats are unoccupied, and the shortage of staff in hospitals is similar. In addition, almost every fourth working doctor today is 60 years old or older. “So we’re facing a massive wave of retirements that will further exacerbate the problem.”

Reinhardt said: “On the other hand, the need for treatment is increasing due to the aging of society. If politicians do not take these developments seriously, we are heading towards a real supply emergency, with serious effects on almost all areas of society.”

A key topic of the Doctors’ Day will be better management of patients during treatments in practices and clinics. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) is expected at the opening this Tuesday.


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