Munich: Bastian Kunkel wrote a book about insurance – Munich

But you should still deal with it, says Bastian Kunkel. He worked as an insurance broker himself and is now known for making insurance German understandable. A conversation about the authorities, back doors and trust.

Interviewed by

Gerhard Fischer

A few years ago, the insurance broker Bastian Kunkel stood in front of a closed door. He had an appointment with a customer, but the man just wouldn’t answer. Kunkel drove home and decided that night to do everything differently: more open, more relaxed, more humorous, more modern. He opened a YouTube channel to explain and convey his insurance policies. Later he also showed his videos on TikTok and Instagram. He now has more than half a million followers. And now Kunkel, 35, has also written a book. “Totally (un)insured: What you should know at 18 about insurance, but still don’t know at 30” was recently published.

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