Munich and Kiel: Leader of Syrian terrorist organization arrested – politics

The federal prosecutor’s office has arrested two suspected members of the Syrian terrorist organization “Liwa Jund al-Rahman” in Kiel and Munich. One of the two Syrians is said to have founded and led the armed rebel force in 2013, the top German prosecutor said. He is also strongly suspected of having committed war crimes.

The second suspect is said to have also been in a leading position in the group and commanded troops fighting against Syrian forces. The defendants’ apartments were searched. Both men have been in custody since Wednesday.

“Liwa Jund al-Rahman” (Soldiers of Mercy Brigade) is said to aim to violently overthrow the Syrian regime. Since 2014, it has been subordinate to the terrorist organization “Islamic State” (IS), it was said. Led by the suspected ringleader, the troops are said to have attacked a village together with other jihadist groups in 2013 and killed up to 60 Shiites there. The village was looted, partly set on fire and the remaining residents were driven out.

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