Mozart’s “Apollo & Hyazinth” arranged by Erika Mann – Munich

Mozart’s first opera “Apollo & Hyazinth” was to be performed in Weißenburg in Franconia in 1932, but the National Socialists prevented this. The story of Erika Mann and an almost forgotten scandal.


Uwe Ritzer, Weissenburg

Once more Erika Mann came to Weißenburg, to the small Franconian town that she deeply despised. That was at the end of March 1946, and the document that the daughter of Thomas Mann, who was born in Munich in 1905, was carrying, identified her as a “war correspondent”. For the Londoner Evening Standard she actually reported on the Nuremberg trials against the main war criminals and on that March day, Nazi crimes also led her to Weißenburg, 60 kilometers away. For the first time since the war, a German court there ruled on outbreaks of violence against the Jewish population in the Kristallnacht of November 9, 1938, specifically in the neighboring town of Treuchtlingen.

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