Moses Pelham: He announces his last album

Moses Pelham
He announces his last album

Moses Pelham has announced his latest album.

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Rap legend Moses Pelham wants to end his career on stage. But before that there is one last album and a farewell show.

Rap legend Moses Pelham (52) has announced his departure from the stage. The artist is currently working on his last studio album, which will be released in the fall of next year, according to a statement. The album will be titled “Last Words”. It was also announced that Moses Pelham and his band would give his final concert under the title “Last Words live in Frankfurt” on Saturday, December 21, 2024 in Frankfurt’s Batschkapp. He also plays there the night before.

“It is a personal and artistic concern of mine to complete my work sensibly and to complete it according to my ideas,” the rapper is quoted as saying. “I want us to consciously celebrate these last times that we come together like this.”

Moses Pelham started his career early

Frankfurt is the hometown of Moses Pelham, who is considered a German rap pioneer. He is said to have started rapping as a teenager and was successful at an early age. In 1993 he founded the hip-hop band Rödelheim Hartreim Project together with Thomas Hofmann. Despite great success, the band broke up after two studio albums. In 1998 Pelham’s first solo album “Geteiltes Leid 1” was released. He also works successfully as a producer, in the past with Sabrina Setlur (49), among others.

In addition, Moses Pelham has already presented on the radio, was a jury member on the casting show “X Factor” and a participant in the fourth season of the program “Sing my Song – The Exchange Concert”.

Long legal dispute with the band Kraftwerk

Moses Pelham also made headlines for a years-long dispute with the band Kraftwerk. A piece Pelhams produced for Sabrina Setlur contained a two-second sampling of a rhythm sequence from a Kraftwerk song. Kraftwerk members have been suing since 1999.


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