More money for the Bundeswehr: SPD parliamentary group deputy Miersch calls for investments in other areas

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SPD parliamentary group vice-president Miersch is calling for more investments – not just in the Bundeswehr

Matthias Miersch, deputy of the SPD parliamentary group in the Bundestag, calls for star In addition to further investments for the Bundeswehr, more money for climate protection

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The CDU defense politician Roderich Kiesewetter is open to increasing the Bundeswehr’s special funds. This is welcomed in the SPD. However, SPD parliamentarian Matthias Miersch is also calling for investments in other areas.

The CDU is open to a significant increase in the 100 billion special fund for the Armed forces. “I would not rule out an increase in the special fund for the Bundeswehr,” said defense politician Roderich Kiesewetter “South German newspaper”. “It’s completely clear that we need 300 billion instead of 100 billion so that the Bundeswehr becomes capable of war.” However, a spokesman for the Union parliamentary group told the DPA news agency on Tuesday: “Mr. Kiesewetter’s proposal is not the opinion of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group.”

SPD parliamentary group deputy Miersch: “We run the risk of losing touch”

People in the SPD like to hear Kieswetter’s words – but they are calling for further investments. “The Union now wants to talk about investments – I welcome that extremely. However, it is not enough to just talk about defense spending,” said Matthias Miersch, deputy parliamentary group leader of the SPD in the Bundestag, to the star. Investments in education, health, infrastructure and climate protection are needed to make our society future-proof. “If we focus only on defense and neglect other areas, we risk being left behind. A country that does not keep its roads, bridges and digital infrastructure up to date cannot be successful. Compared to the rest We are in danger of losing touch with the world.”

Miersch primarily called for investments to limit climate change. This is one of the greatest challenges of our time. “Investments in renewable energies, sustainable mobility and environmentally friendly technologies are essential to secure the future of future generations. We must not allow Germany to miss the future and become a brake on it.” It is naive to believe that the climate can be protected without large investments. “A long-term consensus among democratic forces about the state’s financial performance, which lasts across legislative periods, is necessary.”

The loan-financed special fund for the Bundeswehr was decided in response to the Russian attack on Ukraine. The 100 billion euros are intended to eliminate the Bundeswehr’s equipment shortage. However, voices were repeatedly raised that the 100 billion euros were not enough.


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