Mohamed Haouas remanded in custody for domestic violence

The international will remain in prison until his immediate appearance before the judge on Tuesday at 1:30 p.m.

By Le Figaro

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The pillar of the XV of France Mohamed Haouas spent his second night in police custody in Montpellier after being arrested Friday afternoon by the CRS. He is suspected ofdomestic violence“. This Sunday, the MHR player was remanded in custodyat least until Tuesday, when he will appear before the judge in immediate appearance at 1:30 p.m.

The international (16 selections) was first presented to the Public Prosecutor at the Palais de Justice in Montpellier, accompanied by his lawyer, Maître Gallix. He was then summoned by the liberty and detention judge who then ordered his placement in pre-trial detention.

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“A reaction of sadness”

The judge hesitated for a long time, but he considered that Mohamed Haouas is someone who cannot manage to control himself, since here it is not a single scene of violence: it is first of all a blow (on his partner), then he drags her to a parking lot 800 meters from where he struck the blow“, entrusted Maître Gallix to RMC Sport.

Before adding. “In front of the judge, he said that he was sorry, that he should not be put in prison because he is the one who provides for the needs of the family. He said he lost his temper, (…) His partner does not want to file a complaint and wants to come to the hearing on Tuesday with a lawyer to ask that he not remain in prison.»

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