Mister Cuban: Billionaire sells Dallas Mavericks – what are his plans? – Business

Mark Cuban is selling the Dallas Mavericks basketball team and quitting as an investor on the reality TV show “Shark Tank.” Does the man who regularly quarrels with Donald Trump possibly want to become US President?

Of course, this man has a frightening sense of timing. And that’s exactly why the question always arises as to whether Mark Cuban is a brilliant businessman – or just incredibly lucky. The billionaire delivers these Rags to riches-Story of social advancement that they love so much in the USA and that touches almost all areas of American culture. So if someone like that makes the decision to sell the Dallas Mavericks basketball franchise – known in this country because of the successes with Dirk Nowitzki – for $3.5 billion and to stop being an investor shark on the reality TV show “Shark Tank” after 13 seasons, The question is of course: Why now of all times, what is Cuban planning to do?

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