Military expert: Ukraine and Russia hope for “lucky punch”

Watch the video: military expert assesses offensives of Russia and Ukraine.

Retired Colonel Ralph Thiele, Chairman of the Politico-Military Society. He was commander of an anti-aircraft missile group, chief of staff at the NATO Defense College, on the defense minister’s planning staff, and makes clear statements:

  • Russians and Ukrainians hope for the “lucky punch” in offensives like boxers
  • Lack of ammunition leads to dangerous situation for Ukraine
  • Dangerous situation for Germany due to lack of ammunition
  • China summit in Moscow is to be understood as a threatening gesture
  • Use China to reach a negotiated solution

Regarding the current situation, Ralph Thiele says: We have two boxers here who are waiting for their lucky punch. Well, he actually still expects offensives from both sides. As far as resources are concerned, Thiele is pretty angry. Ammunition problems were already being discussed last year and little has changed in the situation, although that was foreseeable. “That’s a very dangerous situation, as I see it now. And of course there will be a temptation to introduce other weapon systems into the war for which we have ammunition stocks.”
Lack of ammunition also dangerous for Germany
And it is also dangerous for Germany. The stocks of ammunition are empty. “In a really threatening international situation, we are now giving away everything we have. It’s actually kind of like fare evasion. It’s basically also irresponsible.” Thiele is in favor of strengthening the Bundeswehr. But the 2% of German economic output, as required by NATO, will definitely not be enough.
China’s visit to Moscow can be seen as both a threat AND an opportunity. Because China can now actually exert influence on Russia: “Maybe to reach peace through an armistice, that is de facto the only chance there is at the moment, because what the West is striving for: at the end of the day hitting Russia for so long until Russia collapses, a bubble may be an illusion.” Because China actually needs peace: “China needs the world to shop and that’s why China needs peace at the front.”
Using China in the Ukraine War
Thiele is therefore clearly of the opinion: China should be used now! Creating a win-win situation for everyone. And Russia would certainly be willing to listen to China: “Russia was always the senior partner, technologically superior to China. Today, Russia is the junior partner, dependent on China.” Russia survives Western sanctions, but not Chinese.

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