Mike Büskens at Schalke 04: Sculptor, get to work! – Sports

Mike Büskens unintentionally became Schalke head coach, but neither Klopp nor Guardiola would have been a better fit than he was. About someone who, even in the moment of triumph, does not tell any heroic sagas about himself.


Philipp Selldorf, Gelsenkirchen

Mike Büskens looked like a man who had just carried a piano up to the fifth floor – old building, no elevator – all by himself. Exhaustion of indescribable proportions showed on his face, the hair on his head stuck like dipped in honey. It didn’t take the beer shower Gerald Asamoah, who led a cheering squad during the nationally broadcast press conference, to ruin the hairdo – the hairdo had managed that on its own during the crazy night. But no one needed to be deceived by the outward appearance: Büskens, apparently dead tired and drained of all strength, was in fact very alert.

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