Middle East: Nicaragua sues Germany for supporting Israel

Middle East
Nicaragua is suing Germany for supporting Israel

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Nicaragua turns to the United Nations’ highest court and accuses Germany of complicity in Israel’s “genocide” in the Gaza Strip.

Nicaragua has accused Germany of complicity in Israel’s “genocide” in the Gaza Strip before the United Nations’ highest court. The authoritarian country justified its move with Germany’s political, financial and military support for Israel and the cutting of funds for the UN Palestinian relief agency UNRWA, as the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague announced on Friday. Nicaragua accuses Germany of facilitating “the commission of genocide” and failing to fulfill its obligation to do everything possible to prevent it. At the same time, Nicaragua called on the Court to order interim measures pending a decision on the main case.

In a statement, the Central American country’s Foreign Ministry accused Germany of actively supporting Israel’s violation of international law to the detriment of the Palestinian people, especially those in the Gaza Strip.

South Africa, like Nicaragua a strong supporter of Palestinian rights, sued Israel at the International Court of Justice at the end of December for alleged violations of the Genocide Convention committed in the Gaza war. The UN court ruled in an interim ruling that Israel must take protective measures to prevent genocide.

According to its statute, the ICJ is supposed to resolve conflicts between states as peacefully as possible. His judgments are usually binding. However, the UN judges have no power to force a state to implement it. But you can call on the UN Security Council to take action on the matter.

Communication from the Criminal Court Foreign Ministry of Nicaragua on government-related website


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