Men’s ballet flats, invisible t-shirts… The WTF trends from Paris Fashion Week

Extravagance is in the spotlight on the men’s fashion catwalks. Fashion houses are moving away from the beaten track once again by presenting unique, sometimes misunderstood items, thus raising questions. Whether it’s Dior with its ballerinas, Bluemarble with its oversized fur hat, or Egonlab with its invisible t-shirt, opinions differ. Adored or hated, here are the surprising pieces from Paris Men’s Fashion Week that polarized the public.

Ballerinas for men

Model at the Dior Homme show at Paris Fashion Week 2024.– JM HAEDRICH/SIPA

In black or quilted leather, decorated with ribbons, Dior Homme’s men’s ballet flats aroused keen interest. Part of the trend, this pair of shoes, more traditionally associated with women’s wardrobe, once again asserts its place in men’s fashion. Surprising on a Dior podium? Absolutely ! But unique? Not really, the fashion house Balenciaga had already caused a sensation during its fall winter 2023-2024 fashion show with its pair of “Léopold” ballet flats for men, available in blue, gold or black.

So, is Dior anticipating the future trend? Certainly ! Inspired by the trend balletcore, which draws its inspiration from classical dancers, the collection designed by Kim Jones pays homage to her uncle, the ballet dancer Colin Jones. Updated with high socks, these shoes almost blend in with loafers, very popular at the moment in this year’s cool grandpa style. Lighter, thinner, more “flirty”, Dior has managed to bring the most controversial shoe on the internet back to the forefront.

So, maybe this year, the men’s ballerina will become the must-have?

The invisible t-shirt

EGONLAB model at Paris Fashion Week
EGONLAB model at Paris Fashion Week-Shutterstock

An invisible, or even non-existent, top on the catwalks? This is what the fashion house Egonlab dared to present. Renowned for its sharp pieces with new wave and grunge influences, the brand was able to surprise its audience with a remarkable invisible top, thanks to the enormous label of the brand stuck on the bodies of their models.

“This top is not made of fabric but of makeup. We wanted to play with the trompe l’oeil effect, evoking the idea that one can be deceived by manipulating the image,” declared its creators Florentin Glémarec and Kevin Nompeix for Magazine issue. Unique and surprising, the brand stood out among the presentations of the 74 fashion houses. In just five years, this young fashion house has gone beyond the simple collection of ready-to-wear clothing, notably with its difficult-to-wear t-shirt.

The EXTRA LARGE fur hat

Model at the Bluemarble fashion show in Paris
Model at the Bluemarble fashion show in Paris– Pixelformula

The trend for XXL accessories now extends to hats! After jewelry, it’s the turn of headwear to gain momentum. At its show in the capital of love, fashion house Bluemarble unveiled its collection of oversized fur hats, eclipsing other houses’ more modest versions. Featuring leopard patterns or bright colors, the accessory marked the looks that went viral on social networks.

While, at first glance, the hat may seem difficult to wear, Bianca Censori has already proven otherwise by wearing the full leopard outfit from the men’s collection the day after the show. Posted on the Instagram account of her partner Kanye West, known for his outfits and his influence in fashion, the hat quickly won the hearts of fashion fans.

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Between ingenuity, creativity and excess, the fashion houses Dior Homme, Egonlab, and Bluemarble have been able, this season, to redefine the limits of men’s fashion.

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