“Medical acts”… Four years in prison for a doctor accused of palpating the breasts of patients

A doctor was sentenced to four years in prison on Thursday March 2 by the Saint-Malo criminal court. The justice found him guilty of multiple sexual assaults on patients while he was practicing in his office in La Fresnais, a small town in the north of Ille-et-Vilaine. According to France Bleu, 22 complaints had been filed by former patients of this doctor from Romania. All accuse him of the same facts. While consulting for back or knee pain, these women had to take their bras off. The doctor has repeatedly performed breast palpations, on the grounds of breast cancer screening.

On the dock, the doctor denied en bloc, ensuring that all the acts performed were done with the eye of a professional. Difficult to hear for the victims, some of whom denounced kisses on the chest and insistent palpations. “The palpations are medical acts,” assured the 48-year-old doctor, according to France Bleu, who attended the hearing.

In addition to his four-year prison sentence, the defendant has a permanent ban on practicing medicine. He will no longer be able to carry out an activity related to minors and his name has been entered in the automated judicial file of perpetrators of sexual offenses (Fijais).

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