May 1st: More than ten thousand people at left-wing demonstrations

1st of May
More than ten thousand people at left-wing demonstrations

Police units clash with demonstrators during the Revolutionary May 1st demonstration in downtown Stuttgart. Pepper spray was also used. photo

© Christoph Schmidt/dpa

Labor Day is about better working conditions and social peace. However, demonstrations by the left-wing scene often lead to riots by radicals. The police want to take decisive action.

More than ten thousand people took part in left-wing and left-wing extremist demonstrations on May 1st, especially in Berlin and Hamburg. The A large police force was on hand to prevent possible riots during the night. Against the backdrop of tensions over the Gaza war, there were particular concerns about possible pro-Palestinian actions with potentially banned slogans against Israel. There were also the traditional trade union demonstrations on Labor Day for more social justice, where there were hardly any incidents.

In the capital, at least 4,000 people initially followed the satirical call for a “raid in the villa district” in the Grunewald district. Thousands of police officers stood by in the evening for possible disruptions to the left-wing radical “Revolutionary May 1st Demonstration” in Neukölln. Following tips from residents, the police discovered stone deposits there in the afternoon.

Police prepared for riots

“The security of our city has top priority,” said Berlin’s Interior Senator Iris Spranger (SPD) on the X platform (formerly Twitter). The police will take consistent action against criminals. The police said they were accompanying a total of 19 meetings with 5,600 people. They are supported by 2,400 police officers from other federal states. Clearance vehicles, water cannons, a helicopter and light poles were also available to illuminate the streets, especially in the Kreuzberg and Neukölln districts.

According to the police, a demonstration by the DGB trade union federation was temporarily stopped because pro-Palestinian chants were repeatedly shouted and banners were shown.

After a suspected arson attack on the van of a large mail order company in Berlin-Reinickendorf, a letter of responsibility emerged, the police confirmed. A political motive for the crime cannot be ruled out. The state security agency has taken over the investigation. The “Tagesspiegel” had previously reported. Several parked vans caught fire early in the morning. 16 vehicles were damaged by fire or heat. People were not harmed.

First incidents

In Stuttgart, a demonstration by the left-wing scene in the city center was ended, as the police announced on X. There were attacks on emergency services. The officers responded with pepper spray and batons. According to the police, the demonstration was “against social cuts”, was “for a society based on solidarity” and was registered by an individual. There were “massive crimes and violations of regulations”.

In Hamburg, more than 6,000 people took to the streets with left-wing and left-wing extremist groups. The call was made by anarchists from the left-wing autonomous center Rote Flora, the redistribution alliance “Whoever has, gives” and the Red Structure, which the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution has classified as violence-oriented. The police were on duty with a large contingent. Water cannons and clearing tanks were available along the way. The cavalry squadron could also be seen.

In the early afternoon, according to police reports, a peak of 1,350 demonstrators with the anarchist alliance “Black-Red May 1st” walked from the Sternschanze train station through St. Pauli to the Altonaer Balcony. Motto: “Solidarity. Self-determination. Free from domination”. As they passed the Rote Flora, pyrotechnics were set off from the roof. Overall, the procession was peaceful, said a police spokesman.

“He who has, gives” demo leads through posh districts

The largest demonstration, with 4,000 participants according to the police, started a little later from Dammtor train station. The colorful procession of the “Whoever has, gives” alliance led through the posh districts of Harvestehude and Pöseldorf to the Eppendorfer Baum. “Let us take the money from those who have it in abundance to give it to those who need it,” the appeal said. The police spoke of a peaceful incident

The “Revolutionary May 1st Demo” of the Red Construction started from the main train station in the late afternoon. The police initially spoke of a good 1,000 participants. Under the slogan “War, crisis, capitalism – it must not remain the way it is,” the demonstration was supposed to lead, among other places, through St. Georg, Hohenfelde and Eilbek to the Landwehr S-Bahn station.

Queer feminist demonstration against capital and patriarchy

The left-wing extremist demonstrations began on Walprugis Night with queer-feminist demonstrations against capital and patriarchy in both Berlin and Hamburg. According to the police, up to 2,800 mainly female demonstrators took part under the motto “Take back the Night” in Berlin-Friedrichshain and in Hamburg-St. Pauli around 900. In Berlin, eight people were temporarily arrested and a police officer was slightly injured. There were no major incidents in Hamburg.

Celebrate in Kreuzberg even without Myfest

In Berlin-Kreuzberg, the long-held Myfest street festival was also canceled this year. Nevertheless, tens of thousands celebrated in the streets and squares in the afternoon. Many pubs, bars and pubs sold drinks and food, and some also played music. There was a party atmosphere in many places.


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