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There isn’t necessarily a set of rules when putting together an album. Of course, it’s great when a dramaturgy can be recognized, when shallow and fast numbers complement each other and the lyrics underpin the musical plot. If the criterion for a song is “But can you dance to it?”, that’s already promising for the end product. Especially if this is supposed to be a dance LP.

The post-punk trio Sextile So they asked themselves a pretty obvious introductory question for the compositions of their latest album “Push”. And with the eleven songs from last fall, the “Post” in the genre name has been more than exhausted. After a few years of rock dominance, the electro influences have become the musical protagonist from a gimmick that competes with the effervescent guitar howl: fast-paced drum tracks, a variety of synthesizer sounds and rave passages lead the tracks – albeit in the best way Punk style, some angry screeched lyrics are not to be missed.

Because you probably never completely turn your back on your beginnings. And they were anchored in the Brooklyn punk scene with founding members Brady Keehn and Melissa Scaduto until the duo moved from New York to Los Angeles. The move had practical reasons (more living space and rehearsal space, at least a little less money), but also private reasons (drug excesses and the desire to leave them behind).

On the West Coast, Keehn and Scaduto started fresh – and clean. They still imitated their source of inspiration, various industrial and ambient, post and surf punk bands of the 1970s – to a certain extent and up to the second long player: together with the new band members, multi-instrumentalist Eddie Wuebben and bassist Kenny Elkin , Sextile moved more and more towards the dance floor on “Albeit Living” (2017), and finally arrived there a year later with a new bassist, the new EP “3” and catchy synth beats.


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After Wuebben’s sudden death in 2019, the band initially took a break and the members tried out solo projects, among other things. Until they came together again as Sextile and now show how seamlessly and effortlessly electro and punk go together. For example on Saturday, May 18th, in the Rote Sonne, where live concerts will take place in addition to techno and house gigs. There you can then decide spontaneously whether you would rather dominate the dance floor or let yourself be shaken up in the mosh pit. Or both. There are no fixed rules here.

Sextile, Saturday, May 18th, 7 p.m., Rote Sonne, Maximiliansplatz 5

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