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As of: May 23, 2024 10:58 a.m

A thick cloud of smoke is currently moving over several Hamburg districts south of the Elbe. The reason is a major fire on the premises of a recycling company in Harburg harbor.

The fire broke out early Thursday morning. The fire department released one Warning message because of the smoke gases. Heimfeld, Harburg and Wilhelmsburg were initially affected. In the morning, the warning was extended to Spadenland, Kirchdorf, Neuallermöhe and parts of Bergedorf. The reason is the wind that is driving the cloud of smoke eastwards. Residents are asked to keep windows and doors closed and to turn off ventilation systems. The warning is a precautionary measure; according to the fire department, measurements so far have not shown any unusual values ​​in the air.

Impact also on ship and car traffic

Because the large, glowing pile of scrap metal in Harburg harbor continues to emit heavy smoke, the nearby Süderelbe has been closed to shipping traffic as a precautionary measure. In addition, the adjacent 1st Hafenstrasse has been closed to car traffic.

Fire department on a large scale

Around 100 firefighters are involved in the fire-fighting operations. They are currently pulling apart the 600 square meter pile of scrap metal to get to the embers. At the same time, the adjacent company building must be protected from the heat. Drones are being used to check from the air whether the measures are having an effect. The smoke cloud is also being checked for harmful substances using measuring devices.

Cause of fire unclear

It is still unclear what caused the fire in the pile of scrap metal. According to current knowledge, no one was injured. The extinguishing work could continue for hours.

AUDIO: Extinguishing work on major fire in Harburg harbor continues (1 min)

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