Madonna: erotic images deleted – singer beside herself

Erotic pictures deleted – singer beside herself

Madonna has put her erotic images back online with a small change.

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First with a nipple, then without! After Instagram deleted the series of erotic pictures of Madonna, she posted the photos again.

It is a scandal with an announcement: Madonna (63) provoked on Thursday with an erotic series of pictures on Instagram. Also to be seen on it: her nipples. And those who followed the discussions around the hashtag #FreeNipples knew what would happen immediately: The social network immediately deleted the ten erotic pictures of Madonna. Now the Queen of Pop posted the photos again, with one small change. Where her nipples were previously to be seen, little heart symbols are now emblazoned.

The photos were removed “without warning or notification,” emphasizes Madonna in her new posting. For her it is “still amazing that we live in a culture that allows every inch of a woman’s body to be shown, except for a nipple. As if this were the only part of a woman’s anatomy that could be sexualized.” The singer is happy that she has “managed to preserve my mental health through four decades of censorship, sexism, age discrimination and misogyny”.

Madonna: “Angels watch over me”

In the ten pictures, the singer lolls in high heels, fishnet tights, thong and lace bra on, next to and under a bed. The poses are no less sexy: once she bites into the bed frame, once she presents her bum to the camera while lying under the bed.

Anyone who has not seen Madonna for a long time may have wondered who he was looking at: The 63-year-old’s face is smooth, the lips look greatly enlarged. Madonna writes about the photos: “Angels watch over me”, with which she alludes to an angel sculpture above the bed.

The shoot was not only well received by her almost 17 million followers: Some advised Madonna not to edit her pictures, others said she didn’t need “that”. One user wrote: “Dear, I think the angels flew away a long time ago.”


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