Madness: 77-inch LG OLED drops below 1,900 euros on Black Friday

The LG OLED A1 is a great and, above all, inexpensive entry-level OLED and did really well in our test. The OLED is now available for the first time in a huge 77-inch screen diagonal for significantly less than 2000 euros. To the Black Friday So now you get this giant OLED for a comparatively small price:

LG OLED A1 in the Black Friday offer: A great TV for little money

LG has one for the first time with the A1 OLED TV released with decent equipment, which surpasses LED TV in picture quality and promises a particularly good price-performance ratio. Despite minor disadvantages compared to the more expensive OLEDs, the LG A1 still an excellent TV.

So if you can do without 120 Hertz because you are not a hardcore gamer who wants to get the last bit out of the latest generation of consoles, you are well served with the OLED TV. In the test, we gave it a grade of 8.8 (“very good”).

What we like about the LG OLED A1:

  • Very cheap for OLED
  • OLED-typical top contrast and clean colors
  • Extensive smart TV functions / WebOS 6.0
  • Very good service
  • 50 Hertz panel and therefore no HDMI 2.1

Should you take advantage of Otto’s Black Friday deal on the LG A1?

Sure, 77 inches is a statement. But if you’re after a so big TV are looking for and appreciate OLED qualities such as perfect black and the best picture, then this is an incomparable offer. Experience has shown that such top deals are not online for long. So it’s best to act quickly:

You don’t want to do without 120 Hertz? Then you get that too LG OLED-B2 in 77 inch at Otto currently also greatly reduced:

Is the Black Friday LG OLED A1 the TV you’ve been waiting for? Or do you have another model in mind? Feel free to tell us in the comments!

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