Lyon, the rudest city in France…Really?

Sometimes it doesn’t feel good to be a champion. And it’s better not to bring her back. According to a study carried out by Prepyusing the data provided to it, Lyon this year won the prize for “the most impolite city” in France, beating Marseille, Nice… and even Paris!

The Gones are therefore crowned champions of cadging, all categories combined. For what ? Because they spend their lives on their phones and never look up from their screen in the street, don’t pick up their dogs’ poop and speak very, very loudly in public. Not forgetting, again according to this study, that they never say hello when they board a bus, nor thank you to the driver. Same thing for taxis and carpools.

Dressed for winter, we wanted to know your opinion. You are from Lyon or passing tourists and you share this opinion, tell us why. You are false and find it exaggerated, tell us. What do you think of this reputation that could stick with us for a long time? You can testify by filling out the form below. Your answers will be used to write an article. Thanks in advance ! (Yes, we don’t forget to thank you)

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