Louis Aliot says he has “the legitimacy and the experience” to chair the party

Louis Aliot says he is interested in taking the interim presidency of the RN during Marine Le Pen’s presidential campaign. – Alain ROBERT / SIPA

Who will replace Marine Le Pen during her presidential campaign? If the current vice-president of the RN, Jordan Bardella, is approached to take the interim presidency of the party, another personality says he is available. “If I can be of service to Marine, I will do it because I think I have the legitimacy and the experience to do it”, affirmed the former number two of the National Front (now National Rally), Louis Aliot, questioned on his words in Paris Match.

In this interview, the current mayor of Perpignan, does not deem “inconsistent that this interim [à la présidence du RN] be provided by (him) and the Marine teams ”. On the other hand, Louis Aliot, promises that he will not be “a candidate against thick and thin”. “I will do what Marine asks me to do,” he added.

“A thirty-year experience”

“I have thirty years of experience with this party, I know all the federations”, he argues in Paris Match, suggesting in particular, for the nomination of the RN candidates in the legislative elections of 2022, to “open up beyond partisan borders ”, as the movement has already done in European, municipal and regional elections.

Regarding the distance (850 km) between Perpignan and Paris, where the headquarters of the RN is located, he underlines that “in the digital age and videoconferences, we can do a lot of things”.

Jordan Bardella’s position called into question

Marine Le Pen intends to leave the head of the RN in the fall to devote herself to the presidential campaign, after the validation of her candidacy for the Elysee Palace by the party congress in early July in Perpignan. The National Bureau (extended management) of the RN adopted at the beginning of June a change in its statutes on this vacancy in the event of a presidential election, which will have to be validated by the congress.

The updated article 10 will specify that the president of the party may, in the context of a presidential election, leave his seat “for a period of twelve months” to the vice-president and, if there are several, “to the first. of them “. The first vice-president of the RN is currently Jordan Bardella, MEP and head of the regional list in Ile-de-France, aged 25. But these vice-president positions are called into question at the time of the congress.

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