Lottery winner Chico causes confusion over the alleged café deal

“Sale contract did not come about”: Lottery winner Chico causes confusion about the alleged café deal

Lottery winner Chico in front of his new Porsche

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Lotto millionaire Chico actually boasted that he bought his favorite café immediately after winning. Now he’s backing down.

Kürsat Yildirim, whom everyone just calls Chico, has been basking in the public eye since his sensational lottery win. The Dortmunder had won ten million euros and, according to his own statements, immediately treated himself to a few luxury cars. His favorite café in the north of Dortmund was also on his shopping list. He bought it immediately after winning, Chico told “Bild”. He allegedly renamed the restaurant “Café Chico”.

Now the 42-year-old has backed down: “The café’s purchase contract was not concluded,” he explained on his Instagram account, where more than 190,000 people now follow him. “Café Raffaello on Schützenstrasse was not bought by me.” The multimillionaire apparently doesn’t even want to visit his favorite café anymore. At least he also let it be known on Instagram: “In the future you won’t be able to find me there anymore.”

Lottery millionaire Chico blows off the purchase of his favorite café

He did not comment further on the background. However, the alleged purchase had caused irritation for the actual owner of the café. “That’s not true, everything was a lie,” said the “T-Online”. “I told him it’s over now, he hasn’t come back since.”

Now the lottery winner apparently doesn’t feel like going to his former favorite café anymore. Instead, he now prefers the competition. On Instagram, he posed in front of another café on the same street, just a hundred meters away, and wrote: “If you’re looking for me, you’ll find me here.”

Curious: on Google Maps, both restaurants now bear the name “Café Chico”. However, that doesn’t have to mean anything. No evidence is required on the platform to rename a location.

Sources: “Picture” / “T Online” / Kursat Yildirim on Instagram

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